Dear Partners,

We recently met you at the positive psychology workshop, and it was a pure pleasure.

This week we are happy to share some news about 7FAM and about Delta Galil, as part of our ongoing communication towards transition.
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Einat Amitay
VP, Global HR
Fabio Selicato
7FAM Senior HR Manager

7 FAM Newsletter No.3, May 2017

Positive Psychology Workshops

"Great day, great teacher. Got a lot of positive energy from this workshop"

Positive mindset is one of Delta Galil's core values. We believe that such spirit results in great things.
Most of 7FAM team took part in the workshops at the lovely Tenuta De L`annunziata hotel. The team received a glance to Delta, as well as an introduction to positive psychology concept and practical tools such as focus, strengths, gratitude and mindfulness. 

Feedbacks were amazing (overall 6.4 out of 7), and weekly tips will be sent to keep the positive spirit alive!
We wish everyone lots of success in turning positive psychology into a way of life, and hope to enhance this culture also in 7FAM, to create personal and professional achievements.

New Offices Progressing

New 7FAM offices in Mendrisio, Switzerland, are an impressive work in process, and reconstruction work is going  according to plans.
Lara Soares
Senior Financial Planning Analyst
Lara has strong finance retail experience working in multinational companies.
For the past few years she was the EMEA Assistant Controller at True Religion Brand Jeans.  She will be responsible for establishing sound, transparent and traceable market driven price structures, and also analyze and generate the costing structures.
Adam Spencer
Adam Spencer
7FAM EMEA Retail Coordinator
Adam has been with VF for 14 years working for 12 years across the UK in the retail and outlet stores. His last 2 years have been with the Retail Inventory Control team in Stabio. Adam will work in the retail operations team assisting and helping with the day to day running of the 7FAM retail and outlet stores.
As part of an organizational change, Marcus Mellor was appointed Senior Director Retail & Marketing, and Sacha Gomez De Zamora was promoted to Senior Director Product & Sales.
Newcomers: May-June
We are happy to welcome the following players to the 7FAM team:

Victoria's Secret Innovation Team
Visits Delta

Victoria's Secret is one of Delta's sexiest customers. With a world-class brand known for it's amazing products and more than 1,100 store locations worldwide, VS dominates the lingerie marketplace with product for everyone from PINK to girls to  sexy and sophisticated lingerie. Delta has been a partner and supplier to VS for more than 20 years, supporting their growth and leadership in the lingerie market.
Well known for our innovation, we were happy to host in our facility at Carmiel Victoria's secret bra innovation team for a visit.
During the Visit Natalie Martinet, Head of the Innovation Team at VS shared with Delta's team the business latest strategy.
Victoria's secret team was fascinated by the way Delta preforms innovation in cut and sew and seamless categories, and especially by the solutions it offers to its strategic customers.
Delta summed this day as a very positive one, or as VS team said: "This trip is beyond expectations."