My Dear Partners,

Easter brings fun, Easter brings Happiness, Easter brings renewal, Easter brings love and the freshness of spring.
Happy Easter to you and your family!
Easter is a great opportunity to share some updates about 7FAM and about Delta Galil, as part of our ongoing communication towards transition.
As always - please share any thoughts or feedbacks by replying to this mail.
Einat Amitay
VP, Global HR

7 FAM Newsletter No.2, April 2017

Leadership Team
We are happy to announce some organizational changes, which reflect 7FAM current structure:
  • Marcus Mellor, Senior Director Retail and Marketing, will lead all the marketing and e-commerce activities, and the Retail channel strategy.
  • Sacha Gomex De Zamora, Senior Director Sales and Product, will continue to lead sales and distribution, adding the Product team to his responsibilities.
  • Mirco Osellame, Senior Director Operations, will continue to lead the supply chain team of 7FAM.
These nominations reflect Delta's high expectations from 7FAM leading team.

7FAM and Delta Collaborate in Delta's Israeli Headquarters in Caesarea

Simone Menicatti and Marta Bollini from 7FAM Operations, recently partnered Ilana Bistritsky (Strategic Projects Director) and Igor Keisar (IT Manager) from Delta Galil in working on cut over planning. The few days visit was a great opportunity to cover different areas of the business and share ideas and solutions to make the transition as smooth and successful as possible.

Delta's CEO Explains 7FAM Acquisition

Towards Passover (a Jewish festive holiday) Isaac Dabah, Delta's CEO and main shareholder, was interviewed to Globes, Israel's leading business magazine, and, among others, shared his thoughts regarding 7FAM acquisition. Isaac has special sentiment to denim, after acquiring in 1988 the American Jeans brand 'Gloria Vanderbilt', and successfully selling it 10 years later in 20 times doubling its original worth. Isaac was quoted saying: "7FAM is a great business move for Delta. It will leverage our global spread and diversify our portfolio."

A Pick into the Head and Mind
of a Bra Designer

One of Delta's leading categories is bras. Delta Galil USA is known for its expertise in bras, and we recently interviewed Kamelia Loukipoudis, to learn about trends and creativity in the bra's world. To read more, click here >>.

Vietnam –
Delta's New Manufacturing Site

As part of Delta's growth strategy, we are constantly expanding our own manufacturing sites. In November we opened in Vietnam the most modernized factory, that produces 3 types of products – seamless – shapers, active wear,
cut & sew – intimate and home wear products, based on sewing,
and socks, that will be inaugurated in June 2017. To read more,
click here >>.


Positive Psychology Workshops - April 19, 20, 21

As a part of Delta's employee-orientation strategy, right after Easter 7FAM employees will enjoy 1 day workshops of positive psychology. The workshops will take place at Tenuta De L`annunziata, between 8:30 to 17:00, and will provide participants with concepts and practical tools to become happier and more fulfilled.