News Letter No.1b, March 2017

7 FAM Promotions:


We are happy to announce the below promotions.
We congratulate all the promoted employees for their good work, and wish them best of luck with their new positions.

These promotions, effective from March 1st, reflect both VF and Delta Galil's trust in 7 FAM future business successes:

  • Simone Menicatti, promoted to Senior Operations Manager
  • Massimo Miracoli, promoted Sales Manager
  • Chiara Di Tinco, promoted to E-Commerce Manager
  • Lorenzo Provasoli, promoted to Washing & Treatment Manager
  • Sara Susan, appointed Junior Designer
  • Ilenia Bizzarro, promoted to Senior Visual Merchandising Manager
  • Elisabetta Busnelli, promoted to Senior Merchandiser
  • Sanjith Shanmugam - Permanent contract
  • Adam Spencer, appointed Retail Coordinator (effective May 1st)
  • Silvia Noseda, promoted to Senior Graphic Designer