Long time, and so much has happened…

Since the last newsletter, Seven FAM formally joined Delta Galil's family.

We are happy to have you on board. Our mutual journey towards business success started a while ago, and this was both festive and an exciting milestone. At this point we are happy to announce a smooth transition and business continuity.
We believe in your talent and in the Seven FAM spirit, which will bring business growth and future achievements.
In this newsletter, we will share some pictures from the transition, together with answers to your questions and other updates regarding Seven policies and Delta's business highlights.
We are here for you for any follow up questions.
Einat Amitay
SVP, Global HR
Fabio Selicato
Senior HR Manager, 7FAM
Some pictures from the formal transition celebrations at Mendrisio and in the stores

New Colleagues:


We are pleased to welcome our new colleagues

Marco Eusebi

Sourcing Director

Marco has been working most of his professional life at denim companies.

From 2006 he led Penny Jeans and Dress Lines as General Manager, where he coordinated commercial & production process activities in Italy, Tunisia and Romania.

Prior to that, he worked at Levi’s Belgium in various roles.

As 7FAM Sourcing Director, he will lead the following areas: Washing, Treatment, Sourcing and Production & Quality. Marco will report to Iric Browndorf, Delta's EVP Global Sourcing & Production.

Azzurra Grande

Managing Assistant and Office Administrator

Azzurra has worked for some years abroad as Executive Assistant and Office Administrator for a prestigious Legal Firm and before for an International company owning and managing several of the world's most acclaimed fine-dining and lifestyle brands.

Francesca Meroni


Francesca has been working at Giorgio Armani SPA since 2013 both in Italy and Swiss branch where she has performed different roles such as Sales Analysis, Merchandising and Planning Analysis.

She will be part of the FP&A Team, collaborating across all departments with focus on creating efficiencies on the Pricing and Costing process and supporting the business financial activities.

Giulia Colombo

Credit Controller

Giulia developed a strong experience in the credit control working for the last 9 years in the fashion industry.

She was in charge of the credit management at Woolrich Europe, where grew strong in communication and problem solving.

She will join the Credit Department and play a key role in supporting the WHL business

Francesca Carulli

Accounts Payable

Francesca has been working in Etihad Airways since 2013 in Swiss branch where she has performed different roles such as Accounts Payable Specialists and General Ledger Accountant.

She will be part of the Accounting Team, collaborating across all departments with focus on Accounts Payable and supporting General Ledger activities.

Stefania Carugati

Accounting Team

Stefania has been working in Immediate financial Ltd in London since 2014 where she has performed different roles such as Sales Analysis and Account assistant.

She will be part of the Accounting Team, collaborating across all departments with focus on sales and bank reconciliation, travel & expenses management and support to general ledger activities.

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Take a Tasty Lunch Break

For those of you who wish to take a break and eat out, we offer 2 alternatives in close by restaurants - Old Wild West and La Dolce Tentazione. Both restaurants offer a variety of menus, and all you have to do is sign your name so the subsidized sum will be deducted from your payslip.
The menus are different to cover different needs, there are veggie menus, salads and sandwiches.
Both of the restaurants offer also the home delivery service in our office!
Old Wild West
Old Wild West
Old Wild West
Old Wild West
La Dolce Tentazione
La Dolce Tentazione
La Dolce Tentazione
La Dolce Tentazione

Personal Vacations


Every year you are entitled to enjoy a 25 days of vacation.

After reviewing the data from VF, we decided to allow to transfer your vacation days from 2017 to 2018.
Having that said, we ask those of you who have many vacation days, to plan ahead with your direct manager how to use them, while balancing your right to enjoy time off and the business needs.
As per 2018, a policy to accrue future vacation days will be established and communicated in the near future.

Business Travelers – This One is for You


To those of you who travel for work reasons, new guidelines were defined and communicated to the team, to make sure business travels are done with minimum spend and maximum convenience.

To read the complete policy
click here
To download the expenses form
click here

Public Transportation Discount

To those of you who prefer to travel by train, we managed to the Arcobaleno Discount already given by the local Railways company and by VF.
The structure of the agreement remain the same so our employees will receive 15% of discount from 7FAM up to the discount guaranteed by the Railways.
If you are interested, please contact Fabio Selicato for the request.

Introduction Tour at the New Bleckmann Warehouse

Last week a few Seven FAM teams visited the new Bleckmann warehouse, to learn from first-hand the main work processes and to get to know the warehouse team.
E-com, planning, sourcing, customer service and DTC teams took part in the visit. Visit agenda included inner view of inbound and outbound transportation, customs, IT and operations.

Bleckmann is a leading company in the logistics area, with more than 20 warehouses in 3 countries in Europe. Participants said it was a long day (they woke up at 3AM), but it was worth it, to finally meet the people behind the phones and emails. This great face to face interaction will surely contribute to an effective work flow with the warehouse.

Delta Galil in Cooperation
with Shenkar College*


* Shenkar is Israel's top professional college for Engineering, Design & Art and is considered one of the 10 top fashion academies in the world.

It was a morning of fashion & creativity when 16 students from the fashion faculty presented their final project for a fashion design course in active wear. Guided and mentored by two of Delta Israel's executive fashion designers: Osnat Leon, VP of Design and Purchasing, together with Natali Ravhon, Head of Design, the students designed and manufactured a complete set of clothing items showcased in a runway presentation at Shenkar.
Apart from the beautiful and creative outfits, this collaboration has a great value in terms of introducing Delta to future designers as well as strengthening Delta's position as a potential employer.
To read and mostly see more about this project double click on the link http://deltagalil.com/designing-technology-delta-galil-shenkar-college/    

Delta Galil –
A Walk through Memory Lane

We invite you to get acquainted with Delta Galil through a walk in memory lane: